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About the Scholarship

The Taito and Ruta Alofaituli Scholarship was established in November 2008.  This is a private scholarship to be awarded each year, beginning in August 2009 to one Pacific Islander, college-bound (4-year university), high school senior.  The recipient must be a resident of California, Hawaii or American Samoa.  One scholarship award will be given in the amount of $1000.  It is our hope that this scholarship will help to communicate our story to other Samoan families and to continue the legacy that Taito and Ruta started in our home.

About Taito and Ruta Alofaituli

Taito and Ruta Alofaituli are both immigrants from American Samoa.  They married in Harbor City, California in 1972 and have 4 children - Kaisalina, Gwendolyn, Brian and Kipeni.  Taito and Ruta created a stable and loving environment for their children, teaching  their children morals and values consistent with their Samoan culture and Christian upbringing.    

Taito and Ruta both worked outside the home and dedicated most of their free time in their Samoan church (SCC in Carson, CA)*.  They worked very hard to provide for their children and extended family and recognized the benefits of higher education in the work environment.  They were determined to put their children through college and emphasized its importance very early on.

Two of their children started college at the same time, one at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and one at California State University Dominguez Hills (Cal State Dominguez).  A few years later, another child started college at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).  Even with 3 kids in college, Taito and Ruta discouraged their children from getting a job to help defray the costs.  They didn't want the distraction and because they had the wisdom to ensure that their children start their careers debt free, they did not allow them to take out a student loan.  They sacrificed a lot and managed to provide their children with a comfortable lifestyle and a college degree to get them started with their adult life.

Kaisalina, Gwendolyn, Brian and Kipeni want to recognize their parent's hard work, dedication, and commitment to them by honoring them with the Taito and Ruta Alofaituli Scholarship.

Taito Alofaituli retired in 2004 from the paint manufacturing industry and Ruta Alofaituli is an entrepreneur and owner of Quality Image Inc. in Paramount, CA.  Their free time is spent enjoying their grandchildren, Faimalie, Kenneth and O'Brien (children of Gwen and Niu Sale);  Mabel Sativa, Lion Paw, Shiloh Kipeni Uelese and Kris Marie Presley (children of Kip and Masani Alofaituli);  and Tusigaigoa To'afala (son of Kaisalina and Tasi Taule'ale'a).

*SCC - Samoan Congregational Community Church of Carson | EFKAS - Ekalesia Fa'apotopotoga Kerisiano i Amerika Samoa

About Our Logo

The Taito and Ruta Alofaituli Scholarship logo represents culture, family and education.  The traditional Samoan fale (house)
represents our culture and our people.  Our Samoan culture teaches respect, consideration for others and love for family.  The silhouettes represent our family.  Parents are the center of every Samoan family and the children are the support.  Each family member has his or her own duties and responsibilities in the family, church and community.  The book represents education.  We believe that education will provide our young Samoan people with an opportunity to share our
culture and family with the world.

Our logo was designed by JPSOUTHPACIFIC, a samoan-owned business.

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